CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Tonight’s Florida Man story comes from Key West:

Politicians have been invoking God since George Washington, but none have ever done it quite like Sloan Bashinsky. At a Key West mayoral debate this week, Bashinsky pulled out his cell phone. “I’m getting a phone call,” he said. The caller was a surprise, even by Key West’s wacky political standards.

“Hello,” Bashinsky said, “Who? God? For real?” Well, probably not. Bashinsky put the phone away before any of the other candidates could listen in. And while the Lord may speak in mysterious way, Biblical scholars have never noted the use of a cell phone.

“You’ve tried everything else. Why don’t you try crazy?” That’s one his campaign slogans, according to WLRN. “Everybody knows Key West is an insane asylum,” he said earlier in the campaign. “Why don’t you make it official?”