Catholic League Accuses Pennsylvania AG Of “Bigotry” For Sexual Abuse Probe Of Over 300 Predator Priests

Via press release from blowhard Bill Donohue:

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro needs to explain why he never convened a grand jury to investigate the sexual abuse of minors in the public schools. That’s where the action is — his state has one of the worst records on this score of any state in the nation — so why is he only interested in probing sexual offenses in the Catholic Church?

The proximate cause of the probe was the revelation that administrators at Bishop McCort Catholic High School in Johnstown failed to adequately supervise Brother Stephen Baker, a serial abuser, in the 1990s. When the grand jury was seated in April 2014, public school teachers were raping children, yet they did not see fit to convene a grand jury.

Here is a partial list of those crimes, which were reported in the press, six months prior, and six months after, the grand jury investigation of six Catholic dioceses was launched. This is a scam. It is not about justice—it is about singling out the Catholic Church and letting every other institution off the hook. It smacks of bigotry.

According to the state of Pennsylvania, over 300 Catholic priests have been “credibly accused by name” in the ever-widening scandal.

The full 900-page report is due to be released on August 14th with “temporary redactions” to protect “due process rights.”

Last week the first of those priests pleaded guilty to molesting a fourth grader. He has not yet been sentenced.