Candace Owens: The Media Is “Publicly Lynching” Paris Dennard For Being An “Uppity Black” Conservative

Of course Breitbart is all over this:

Prominent conservative commentator Candace Owens tweeted Thursday morning that the media were attempting a “public lynching” of fellow black conservative Paris Dennard because he had proven an effective advocate for President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday evening, the Washington Post‘s Aaron Davis published a story revealing that Dennard had been dismissed in 2015 from a previous job at Arizona State University “for making sexually explicit comments and gestures” toward two women. The accusations covered events in 2013 and 2014, and were described in a sealed report — along with Dennard’s denials and defenses.

The Post‘s article makes clear that the primary reason for its “investigation” was to target President Trump and Dennard’s advocacy on his behalf. The headline read: “Trump called this White House defender ‘wonderful.’ He was fired from his previous job for alleged sexual harassment.