Candace Owens: Stinky Antifa Don’t Take Baths

“They have certain symbols, they also have a certain look if you look at the photos. They are not showered, they have very bright colored hair. It’s a part of them saying they have issues with society and part of distancing themselves from what they deem a corrupt society is their appearance. They don’t bathe, they’re not clean.

“If an Antifa member was walking down the street, that’s how we instantly knew who they were. They look the part and they smell the part.” – Turning Point USA nutjob and current state television hero Candace Owens, who adds that there are no black people in Antifa. Because they are the true racists, obvs.

Owens is on an outrage tour of right wing media because she supposedly was shouted at in a coffee shop. It’s working too, she’s up to 700K Twitter followers.