California Wildfire Suspect Is #QAnon #Pizzagate Nut

The Huffington Post reports:

A man arrested on Tuesday in connection with a devastating wildfire in Southern California is a conspiracy theorist who posted videos about satanic rituals and QAnon. “This place is going to burn,” Forrest Clark, 51, allegedly texted a volunteer fire chief two weeks before an inferno enveloped Orange County, burning nearly 20,000 acres and destroying 12 homes.

The Holy Fire still rages and is only 5 percent contained, the Orange County Register reported. On his Facebook page, Clark had posted dozens of videos spanning years delving into absurd conspiracies, including beliefs that Satanists run amok and control the world.

He believed Pizzagate is real (it’s not, but it did lead to a seriously dangerous situation) and more recently that someone deep within the U.S. intelligence community is posting clues to troll boards, including 4chan and 8chan, about a coming political reckoning.