Bryan Fischer: Every Natural Disaster Is A Purposeful, Intentional Act Of God To Make America Pay Attention

“Every natural disaster is a purposeful, intentional act of God. To do what? To rouse a nation and a people from its spiritual complacency, its spiritual apathy, and to turn their attention back to him. In other words, God watches the life — the spiritual life — of a nation, and when He sees that the eyes of that nation have turned from him — they’re no longer focused on him, they’re no longer worshiping him.

“They’re no longer learning from his word and obeying his word, they’ve gotten apathetic and complacent in their spiritual life — God will bring a natural disaster. You can say he lets it happen — whatever. But he will bring a natural disaster for the purpose of waking the people up.” – American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, speaking on Monday’s web show. (Via The Friendly Atheist)