Avenatti On His Potential 2020 Run Against Trump: When They Go Low, I Say We Hit Back Harder [VIDEO]

CNN reports:

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, positioned himself on Friday in Iowa as the only possible presidential candidate prepared to hit President Donald Trump as hard as Trump hits Democrats.

Avenatti, who had told CNN on Thursday that he was seriously considering a presidential bid, delivered a complete rebuke of the idea that Democrats need to go high in a response to a President who often likes to go low, a maxim first delivered by then-first lady Michelle Obama but fully embraced by some Democrats during the Trump era.

“What I fear for this Democratic Party that I love so much is that we have a tendency to bring nail clippers to a gunfight,” he said in an almost 30-minute speech at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding dinner. “I believe that our party, the Democratic Party, must be a party that fights fire with fire.” Cribbing but amending Obama, Avenatti added, “When they go low, I say, we hit harder.”

The Washington Post reports:

Known for his combative cable news appearances, Avenatti offered a relatively traditional political address that stressed his record as a self-made businessman, an advocate for underdogs and a formidable foe to President Donald Trump.

He stressed his support for Medicare for all and “sensible gun control.” He also dubbed Trump a “con man” and his presidency a “dumpster fire.” He even made a few Iowa references — for example, mentioning a John Deere tractor.

Organizers of the Wing Ding — which has drawn heavy hitters like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in past years — said he boosted ticket sales. “I’ve learned that the people of Iowa are fairly receptive to me and receptive to my message,” said Avenatti, who plans to visit early-voting New Hampshire in the next few weeks and will return to Iowa.