Alex Jones Names His Allies Against Globalism: Matt Drudge, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Twitter CEO

“I prayed a long time ago on air — and I meant it — that we’d be lifted up like a standard against the globalists and that we’d be given the information, and the words, and the stamina to wake people up against the evil, anti-human, mark of the beast, one world government, Chinese social score plan that’s now here. And it’s happened. We’ve worked with others like Drudge and other patriots, and you really learn who’s good and who’s bad.

“Tucker Carlson’s good and Michael Savage is good and a few others are good. Laura Ingraham. Matt Drudge. So far [Twitter CEO] Jack Dorsey. And it’s going to be one hell of an adventure. I mean that’s the thing. This is one hell of an adventure. Flying around in private jet airplanes and owning slave factories doesn’t sound too fun to me. Fighting the guys that own the slave factories, I feel good when I do that. Don’t you?” – Alex Jones.

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Advertising platform Criteo has caved to mob outrage and banned Infowars in yet another example of Big Tech censorship. A Criteo senior manager said Infowars was, “in violation of our advertising guidelines,” yet gave no specifics whatsoever on precisely what terms of service we had violated.

This is somewhat perplexing given that Criteo first billed itself as a libertarian-leaning company that supported free speech. Evidently, Criteo does not support free speech, it supports giant corporate monopolies deciding what you can and can’t see on the Internet. Meanwhile, Shopify payments also contacted us to announce that they were pulling their services.