Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Addresses Of Sandy Hook Parents Public, Claims Suit Is Invalid Otherwise

The Huffington Post reports:

When radio host Alex Jones published a video in 2017 titled “Sandy Hook Vampires Exposed,” the parents of a little boy killed in the Sandy Hook shooting bought security alarms for their homes, fearful that they would once again be harassed by Jones’ legion of followers convinced the shooting never happened. Now a lawyer for Jones wants to make the parents’ home addresses public.

In new court filings obtained by HuffPost, Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, who live separately, describe the steps they took in the wake of Jones reigniting the hoax theory. The two purchased a privacy protection plan for their computers and a pair of motion detection alarms for their homes.

In an objection, lawyer Mark Enoch, who is representing Jones in the defamation case, said the declarations should be thrown out if the parents don’t provide their dates of birth and addresses. “The declarations filed by Plaintiffs are neither affidavits nor are they proper declarations,” Enoch’s objection says, citing a Texas law that he says requires them to provide personal information.

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