ABC News Surfaces 2013 Clip In Which Trump Lavishes Praise On “Amazing” Jeff Bezos And WaPo [VIDEO]

ABC News this afternoon posted a previously unaired clip from a 2013 interview with Glorious Leader in which he lavished praise on the Washington Post and its then-brand new owner, Jeff Bezos. The transcript:

ABC NEWS: “Jeff Bezos just bought the Washington Post. Good move?”

DONALD TRUMP: “I think it’s great move for him. I think it’s great for the Washington Post. I really like the Graham family. They’ve treated me so much. As you know, I just got the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue. We’re going to make what I think will be one of the world’s great hotels, it’s going to be an amazing project. The Washington Post was so supportive. So, I’m a fan of the Washington Post. And I have to tell you, I think that Jeff really is an amazing guy. I think he’s going to bring it to that next plateau. I think he’ll do great. I think it’s a great thing for the Washington Post.”

ABC NEWS: “Is he going to make money on it?”

DONALD TRUMP: “Maybe not. But I think ultimately he probably will. I think he’ll bring it into the internet age, which is where it’s going to have to be.”