WH Cites Bad Weather As Trump Ducks Media On Way To Airport, Reporters Note Current Clear Skies Over DC

Trump rarely misses a chance to bloviate:

President Trump departed the White House on Thursday for a trip to Iowa and Illinois without facing the news media, citing bad weather despite clear skies in the nation’s capital. The president typically reaches Air Force One by taking a helicopter from the White House to Joint Base Andrews, a setting that allows the media to shout questions while he walks across the South Lawn. Trump often stops to take those questions.

But White House aides informed the press corps Trump would motorcade to Andrews due to “bad weather,” a setting that makes the president unavailable to take questions. When pressed by reporters, the White House cited “fog” as the reason for the bad-weather call. A “weather watch” advisory on Joint Base Andrews’ website said the base is “open for normal operations.”