Vladimir Putin Invites Trump To Moscow Summit

The Guardian reports:

Vladimir Putin said on Friday that he has invited Donald Trump to Moscow, countering an offer to visit the United States as a possible sequel to last week’s controversial summit in Helsinki. Putin also addressed Trump’s invitation to Washington DC on Friday, saying he and the US president are ready for further summits, including at the White House, but that conditions would need to be right for any meeting to take place.

“I understand perfectly that President Trump has a desire to hold further meetings, and I am ready for that. But there would need to be the appropriate conditions,” Putin said. Putin was speaking to reporters at a summit of Brics countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – in Johannesburg. “He has, in fact, the same invitation [to come to Moscow], and I told him so. I am ready to go to Washington but I repeat: if the right conditions will be established,” Putin added.