Trump Rages About “Unpatriotic” Media After NY Times Publishes Report Of His Meeting With Their Publisher

Glorious Leader is ever so pissed once again:

Here’s four more: President Trump on Sunday unleashed a tirade against the media in which he called reporters “unpatriotic” for reporting on the inner workings of the government. In a series of tweets, the president singled out The New York Times and The Washington Post for writing “bad stories” about his administration, which he amounted to “selling out” the country.

The president’s latest Twitter attacks on the media comes hours after he revealed he met with A.G. Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times. Trump claimed the two discussed how he believes the media has become the “enemy of the people.”

The meeting took place on July 20, and had been off the record, The New York Times said in a statement. However, once Trump acknowledged it took place, Sulzberger issued a statement saying he warned Trump about the danger of his rhetoric toward reporters.