Sen. Jeff Flake Blasts Trump For Groveling Before Putin: This Sends Our Allies A Terrifying Message [VIDEO]

“Singing his praises for no good reason sends a terrifying message to our allies. Flattering such a man is simply bizarre. That the admiration comes from an American president, well, that is unconscionable. If the White House is as confused about the nature of the threat we face from Mr. Putin as it seems to be, a meeting between our president and his Russian counterpart for which there is no record could not be more concerning.

“It is vital that even the most private meetings between leaders not be lost to history. Why does the president’s complaint about our closest friends on the global stage unnervingly echo the Russian position? Mr. Putin’s singular foreign policy goal is to weaken democracies and destroy the Western alliance. Could we possibly be helping him any more in his quest than by baselessly attacking our own allies?” – Sen. Jeff Flake, speaking on the Senate floor.