Roy Moore Sues Super PAC For “Defamatory” Ads

Law & Crime reports:

Failed Republican Senate candidate and accused sexual predator Roy Moore has filed a defamation lawsuit against a Super PAC that ran ads against him during Alabama’s 2017 special election.

According to Moore’s attorney, Melissa Isaak, Highway 31 Super PAC ran defamatory and misleading ads focused on various allegations of sexual impropriety – including the charge that Moore had been banned from the Gadsden Mall due to his aggressive courtship practices directed at young women who worked there.

According to the lawsuit: The “shopping mall” ad ran hundreds of times on network TV in Alabama during the two weeks before the election. Yet, by Monday, November 27, the day the ad began running, defendants had information available to them and known to them that the mall ban story was fictitious.

The lawsuit demands damages for “intentional infliction of emotional distress, wantonness and loss of consortium.” Apparently the Moores are so upset, they can’t even fuck anymore.