Roseanne: My Show Got Canceled Because I Voted For Trump And That’s Not Allowed In Hollywood [VIDEO]

“When ABC called and asked me to explain my [makes air quotes] egregious and unforgivable tweet, I told them I thought Valerie Jarrett was white and I also said I’m willing to go on The View, Jimmy Kimmel, or whatever show you want me to go on and explain that to my audience. Instead about 40 minutes after that my show was canceled before even one advertiser pulled out. And I was labeled a racist. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. It’s because I voted for Donald Trump and that’s not allowed in Hollywood.” – Roseanne Barr, in a video apparently from the same taping session in which she screamed, in reference to Valerie Jarrett, “God damn it! I thought that bitch was white! Fuck!”