REPORT: Trump Ignores Direction From John Kelly, Sets Daily Agenda By What He Just Saw On Fox & Friends

From a Politico article on the “futility” of John Kelly’s job:

With the president working around his own chief, keeping Trump on task has proved a challenge. Trump now adds to his daily schedule in a black appointment book, jotting down meetings he schedules the day of with the help of his personal aide, Madeline Westerhout. A White House spokeswoman said Westerhout coordinates those meetings with the chief of staff’s office.

Kelly has done away with “meeting crashers,” the West Wing aides who showed up for meetings uninvited, according to a White House aide, but he has not been able to curb Trump’s practice of adding and subtracting advisers to meetings throughout the day or of turning scheduled gatherings into freewheeling discussions of subjects that suit his interests — including those suggested to him by his coterie of outside advisers, including Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“He comes down for the day, and whatever he saw on ‘Fox and Friends,’ he schedules meetings based on that,” said one former White House official. “If it’s Iran, it’s ‘Get John Bolton down here!’ If he’s seen something on TV or [was] talking to Hannity the night before, he’s got lots of flexibility to do whatever he wants to do.”

The full piece is worth your time.