Queen Wore Brooch From Obamas To Greet Trump

The Hill reports:

Queen Elizabeth wore a brooch given to her by former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama on the day President Trump landed in the U.K., according to multiple reports. The Obamas gave the vintage brooch to the Queen during a 2011 visit. The 14-karat yellow gold piece of jewelry is also known as the American State Visit brooch.

The nod to the former presidents has been seen by some as a subtle jab at Trump, who was greeted to his U.K. visit by hundreds of thousands of protesters. The Obamas visited the U.K. multiple times while in office, and are known to be close with both Princes William and Harry and their families.

Newsweek reports:

After arriving 12 minutes late, Trump joined the Queen in a courtyard of the historic Windsor Castle to review a British guard of honor, who played the American national anthem before marching past. A video of the troop inspection went viral last week, showing the president walking in front of the Queen, forcing her to jostle for space next to him.

Trump later incorrectly claimed this was the first time the Queen had reviewed her royal guard for 70 years. The monarch has been on the throne for only 66 years, and has been seen inspecting her elite troops countless times.