Prophetess Kat Kerr Takes “Authority” Over California’s “Demonic” Wildfires In The Name Of Jesus [VIDEO]

“We take power over all of the power of the enemy controlling the fires in California. We take power over all the power of the demonic that is controlling and ruling in that situation, and we command – as commanders, like Christ commanded the host – we take authority over the situation and we command the host of heaven to go now to California right now [and] begin to put those fires out. 

“We take authority over the weather system and we command a low pressure system to come in right now to bring the rain. We command a low pressure system to being to form in the area of California where the fires are burning up God’s property and we say, ‘No more! No more, in Jesus’ name.’ We are stopping these fires today.”

“We command the fires to begin to diminish. It will literally begin to diminish. They will report on the news, ‘The fires are diminishing, we don’t understand, we don’t know how this can happen, this is not normal.’

“You know what, we are not normal people living on this earth; we are supernatural sons and daughters of God and we are going to keep commanding that low pressure system to come and to bring the rain and the rain to come and to help put those fires out! They will go no further, in Jesus’ name.” – Prophetess Kat Kerr, fresh off her famously failed attempts to stop hurricanes and volcanoes.

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