Peter Thiel To Teach Anti-Globalism Course At Stanford

The Verge reports:

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel has returned to teach a class at Stanford University, according to a listing spotted by Stanford graduate Andrew Granato on Twitter. Thiel is currently listed as a co-instructor for “German 270: Sovereignty and the Limits of Globalization and Technology.”

Thiel attended Stanford for both undergraduate and law school, and he previously taught a law course at the undergrad level in 2011. The seminar is taught out of the German department, a language Thiel speaks fluently. According to the course description, the class “explores the tensions between state and market,” with readings from Marx and Nietzsche, among other scholars.

A related story from the San Jose Mercury-News:

Billionaire venture capitalist — and incoming Stanford instructor — Peter Thiel is criticizing Silicon Valley once again, calling it a “one-party state” akin to North Korea. Thiel spoke earlier this week at a high school leadership summit in Washington D.C. hosted by the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA.

“You’re not getting closer to the truth, you’re getting to something like North Korea or a totalitarian one-party state,” said Thiel.

“What’s very odd is that we’re living in something where the politics is this overwhelmingly one-sided, and it’s not an indicator that people have figured out the truth. It’s an indicator that there’s an incredible amount of political correctness and people can’t talk about the truth.”

Thiel, you surely recall, funded the Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit that brought down Gawker. Most believe he did so in revenge for the site having outed him.