Perkins: Tyrannical Gays Are Trying To Bully Lawyers Into Not Working For Anti-LGBT Christian Legal Groups

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

First, LGBT activists wanted conservatives out of the wedding business. Then came professional sports, the restaurant industry, big tech, teaching, broadcasting, the police force, fire department, local government, the Olympics, military, counseling, adoption and foster care. What’s left? According to one extremist group, the law.

The legal profession has already seen its share of bullying from LGBT extremists. In at least four states, judges have been threatened, suspended, or otherwise punished for their marriage views. In two states, they’ve been professionally disciplined. Of course, there’s been an effort to shun lawyers who express any sort of support for natural marriage for years.

The LGBT Bar Association is hoping to persuade people that mainstream organizations like Liberty Counsel and Alliance Defending Freedom are waging “a systematic, insidious, and well-funded crusade to strip protections from LGBT people.”

In the end, the people who avoid a debate are the ones scared of losing. They scream about freedom when it suits their purpose, only to deny others the freedom to even be heard. Like so many people outside the mainstream, this group’s call for tolerance is just a cover for social tyranny.

Last week, you may recall, Perkins lamented that homosexuality is now legal in the United States. He quite literally wants you in prison and if you attempt to persuade lawyers not to assist in that, you are a tyrant.

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