NYC Ends Tax Break For Glorious Leader’s Trump Tower Apartment As It’s No Longer His Primary Residence

The New York Daily News reports:

New York City has nixed a $48,000 tax break President Trump was set to receive on his Trump Tower condo following inquiries from the Daily News about whether he is still eligible for the savings. On Tuesday, city records indicated that Trump was set to save $48,834.62 on his tax bill for the year beginning July 1 through the city’s condominium abatement, a popular tax break available to condo and co-op owners.

But a homeowner is only eligible for the tax break if the condo is his primary residence — which the city’s tax rules define as “the dwelling unit in which the owner of the dwelling unit actually resides and maintains a permanent and continuous physical presence.” Trump hasn’t kept a “permanent and continuous physical presence” in the swanky apartment — he moved to the White House in late January 2017, following his inauguration.