MISSOURI: At Least 13 Dead In Duck Boat Capsizing

ABC News reports:

A tourist duck boat capsized in a lake near Branson, Missouri amidst powerful storms, killing at least 13 people, including children, Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said. The Thursday night accident also injured seven people and has left six others missing, officials said. A total of 29 passengers and two crew members were on board the amphibious craft at the time, Rader said.

Severe evening thunderstorms, including winds in excess of 60 mph, struck the area at the time of the sinking. Eyewitness video showed the craft, which travels on land and water, taking on water as waves lashed at its sides. “The wind really picked up bad and debris was flying everywhere,” Allison Lester, who was on a nearby boat, told “Good Morning America” Friday. “The waters were rough.”