Liberty Counsel Sues Boston Over Christian Flag

Via press release from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit today against the city of Boston and one of its officials for censoring the Christian flag of Boston resident Hal Shurtleff and his Christian civic organization, Camp Constitution. The city regularly extends to civic and cultural organizations the freedom to raise their flags on the city hall flagpoles to commemorate whatever events are important to the organizations. However, when Camp Constitution asked the city for a permit to raise the Christian flag on Boston City Hall flagpoles to commemorate Constitution Day (September 17) and the civic and cultural contributions of Boston’s Christian community, the city officials denied the permit based on a secret, unwritten, and unconstitutional “policy” of refusing religious flags.

Shurtleff began the permitting process for Camp Constitution’s event in July 2017 and offered the city several proposed dates for that September. The city stonewalled. Yet after several follow-ups, the commissioner of property management revealed the city’s secret, anti-Christian policy, as the reason for denial: “I am writing to you in response to your inquiry as to the reason for denying your request to raise the ‘Christian Flag.’ The City of Boston maintains a policy and practice of respectfully refraining from flying non-secular flags on the City Hall flagpoles. The City would be willing to consider a request to fly a non-religious flag, should your organization elect to offer one. ”

The city’s denial is unconstitutional because its past and current written policy and practice (and permit application) provides that Boston City Hall flagpoles are available for privately-selected flags to be flown upon request of virtually any private association or activity. Previously allowed flag-raising events include ethnic and other “cultural celebrations,” corresponding with the raising of the flags of various countries or causes, and announcements of the same on the website.

Approved flags flown at such events include those of Albania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Italy, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, as well as of Communist China and Cuba. The flag of the private “Chinese Progressive Association” has been raised. The “Juneteenth” flag has been raised by the private National Juneteenth Observance Foundation. A rainbow flag has been raised by the private organization Boston Pride. Even a “transgender” pink and blue flag has been raised. Since these have all been allowed, the city cannot deny Camp Constitution’s permit request to fly the Christian flag.

As I reported last September when this idiocy started, the Family Research Council is backing Liberty Counsel’s demand.