Court Doc: Manafort Spent $18K On Karaoke Machine

Talking Points Memo reports:

Well before he was ordered to pre-trial detention, Paul Manafort may have been practicing his “Jailhouse Rock.” The former Trump campaign chairman spent more than $18,000 on karaoke equipment for his home in the Hamptons, according to invoices and other court documents filed Thursday in his Virginia case, which goes to trial next week.

According to the filings, Manafort’s wife Kathleen was invoiced $8,147 in April 2010 for a deposit on a karaoke machine, which was paid with a $8,500 wire transfer from a Cyprus bank account.

A few months later she was invoiced $10,395 for a Karaoke machine and audio/video design and installation. A wire of $17,650 from another bank in Cyprus was transferred to pay for that bill, as well as for another $7,574 that Manafort was charged for other audio/visual equipment and its installation.