CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

In today’s Florida Man installment we get the story of a guy who tied his gun to a weather balloon so his suicide would look like a murder.

An excerpt from the Tampa Bay Times:

Abrahamson was lying on his back, feet pointed east toward the Atlantic, arms at his side, blood pooled around the hole in his sweatshirt. Three detectives were on the scene by sunrise and found few clues near the body. No weapon, no shell casing, no signs of struggle, no dirt on the soles of his sneakers. Abrahamson still had his phone and his wallet – though a binder clip he commonly used to carry several hundred dollars in cash was empty. A watch that his wife said he usually wore also was missing. The index finger of his left hand was extended, detectives noted before the body was carried away for an autopsy. By sundown, TV stations were reporting that the search for the killer was on.

Hit the link to see how they figured it out.