BRITAIN: Russian “Whore Trump” Crop Circle To Greet Glorious Leader As He Flies To Meet Theresa May

USA Today reports:

If President Donald Trump hasn’t been brushing up on his Russian in anticipation of his Monday meeting with Vladimir Putin, it may not be a problem. If he has, he may not want to look out of his helicopter as he flies to see British Prime Minister Theresa May at her country estate on Friday.

That’s because an artist has turned part of a field along the route into a 650-foot-wide crop circle containing the word “Trump” — and a vulgarity written in Russian.

According to the local Bucks Herald newspaper, the circle, which was completed on Sunday about 40 miles northwest of central London, is at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, directly on the flight path to the nearby Chequers estate, which is the official country home of British prime ministers.

The farmer was paid in advance for the damaged crops.