White Supremacist Leader Says He’s Giving Up After “Most Humiliating White Trash Spectacle Of The Year”

Talking Points Memo reports:

For now, at least, one of the country’s best known white nationalists is withdrawing from politics. Matthew Heimbach, former head of the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP), recently completed a 38-day prison term for violating his probation after harassing a black protester at a 2016 Trump campaign rally.

The violation that landed him in jail was a messy four-way domestic abuse situation involving the former chief spokesman of the TWP and their two wives. “Jail was terribly boring,” he told TPM. “Was basically just reading and praying and sitting there.” Heimbach declined to offer any specifics on the current situation with his wife and sons, nor on the “work” he claimed to be doing.

“I decisively failed at my original mission which was to be a voice for working class white folks, and ended up in the middle of the most humiliating white trash spectacle of the year,” he said. “I could not have possibly down a worse job with my original plan and I give up,” he added.

As you may recall, the trailer park brawl that landed Heimback back in jail involved a bizarre quasi-incestuous love quadrangle involving himself, his stepdaughter, his ex-wife, and the male co-founder of his hate group. I think. It’s very confusing.