SCOTUS Sides With Fake “Crisis Pregnancy” Centers

Courthouse News reports:

The Supreme Court struck down a California law on Tuesday that puts different disclosure requirements on pregnancy centers depending on the status of the licenses. A nonprofit called NIFLA, short for the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, brought the underlying case shortly after the California Legislature passed the Reproductive FACT Act in 2015.

Among other demands, the legislation says that any health care provider that serves pregnant women must inform clients that California offers “free or low-cost” family-planning and abortion services.

California passed its law following a report by NARAL-Pro Choice, short for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, which suggested that crisis-pregnancy centers – often linked to anti-abortion groups – were not giving women the full range of information needed to make a decision regarding their reproductive health.

So-called “crisis pregnancy” centers are actually run by anti-abortion Christian groups which lure in women with deceptive advertising which hints, but doesn’t explicitly state, that they provide abortion services. Once inside the women are subjected to the outright lies about abortion and the usual Christianist warnings about eternal damnation.