REVEALED: Laura Ingraham’s Shoplifting Conviction

The Smoking Gun reports:

The next time Laura Ingraham decides to taunt a teenager like David Hogg, the Parkland shooting survivor now helping to lead a nationwide gun control campaign, perhaps the Fox News host will recall what she was doing when she was Hogg’s age. Which was getting arrested and convicted for being a thief.

A search of court records in Connecticut, where Ingraham grew up, and New Hampshire, where she attended Dartmouth College, revealed the kind of youthful misstep for which Hogg & Co. would surely be castigated by Ingraham’s viewers and conservative law-and-order types.

While Connecticut indices were negative for Ingraham’s name, a New Hampshire court retrieved one responsive record. The Circuit Court covering the town of Hanover–home to Dartmouth–found a criminal docket revealing that Ingraham was busted in January 1983 on a shoplifting charge. Ingraham, then a sophomore living in a Dartmouth dorm, was 19 at the time of her arrest by local police.

Mediaite reports:

Ingraham explained herself on her radio show Monday morning, describing the incident as “the dumbest thing” she did in college. The host claimed that as a student she “swiped” coffee from a convenience store on a dare, because she and her friends had no money.

Ingraham and her gang of youths were confronted by the store’s clerk, and denied they had stolen the coffee. The clerk later reported them to the police. “Freaking get nabbed for shoplifting!” Ingraham said. “It was basically expunged. Oh it was so stupid!”

“You should get a pass on one thing you do, especially if it was a misdemeanor,” Ingraham said on her show. During her time at Dartmouth, Ingraham was renowned for her work for the Dartmouth Review, the small college’s conservative publication, where she outed gay students.