NORTH DAKOTA: GOP Secretary Of State Nominee Withdraws After Revelation Of 2006 Peeping Tom Arrest

The Forum reports:

Will Gardner has made it official: The endorsed Republican candidate in the North Dakota secretary of state race filed notice that he’s withdrawing from the field. Gardner’s official exit, filed Thursday, June 14, according to a Facebook post by Gardner, was expected after he announced he would withdraw shortly after The Forum reported that, in 2006, he had been arrested in connection with a window-peeping incident outside a female dormitory at North Dakota State University.

From his Facebook page:

I believe my leadership would have been a great asset to the office of the Secretary of State. However, I exit this race only because I know that Secretary Jaeger will defend the most important aspect of the office, our voter ID laws, which are under enormous attack. I am again sorry to those whom my past actions have hurt. I have since turned my life around to become a better person and I look forward to many great things I can continue to do using the gifts God has given me.

Gardner got 93% of the vote on Tuesday as the only GOP candidate on the primary ballot.