Log Cabin Republicans Hail “Wise” Cake Ruling

Via press release:

When faced with the contentious issue of balancing religious freedom and LGBT equality, today the Supreme Court wisely decided to hit the pause button. There will be many on the left who will say that this ruling opens the door to rampant discrimination, and many on the right who will declare that this is a major milestone for advocates of religious liberty — but neither will be correct.

The fact that Justices appointed by Presidents Clinton and Obama sided with Masterpiece Cakeshop should be an indication that there is more nuance to this decision than meets the eye. In writing for the majority of the Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy declared the ‘outcome of cases like this in other circumstances must await further elaboration in the courts’; we look forward to that day.

More than anything else, the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision shines a spotlight on the glaring absence of federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation. Log Cabin Republicans remains committed to passing such protections while also honoring the religious liberty upon which our nation was founded.