LIVE VIDEO: White House Press Briefing

CNN reports:

Usually when he gets in trouble, Trump is been able to whip up another outrage or drama to keep up the breakneck speed of a careening political career that needs incessant controversy and anger to ensure that no single drama lingers for sufficient time to derail it. But despite the President’s efforts, the Trump train has been stalled on the tracks for days.

There was unusual dissent from loyalists in a Republican Party that Trump has thoroughly changed and monopolized. His declaration that he did not cause the problem and that it was the fault of Democrats failed to bite.

His own bid to bail himself out with an executive order ending separations only heightened a sense of incompetence as the White House couldn’t explain how it would reunite families. The administration even gave up explaining itself. For four straight days last week, there was no White House press briefing, adding to the sense of disarray.