Joy Reid Apologizes Again For Decade-Old Blog Posts

NBC News reports:

MSNBC host Joy Reid apologized on Friday for a blog post published more than a decade ago that included an image of Sen. John McCain’s head photoshopped on top of the body of the Virginia Tech shooter.

“While I published my blog, starting in 2005, I wrote thousands of posts in real time on the issues of the day. There are things I deeply regret and am embarrassed by, things I would have said differently and issues where my position has changed. Today I’m sincerely apologizing again,” Reid said in a statement provided to NBC News.

In a statement, MSNBC said some of the posts on Reid’s blog are “obviously hateful and hurtful.” “They are not reflective of the colleague and friend we have known at MSNBC for the past seven years,” the cable network said. “Joy has apologized publicly and privately and said she has grown and evolved in the many years since, and we know this to be true.”

USA Today reports:

Reid also addressed other controversial posts uncovered earlier this week from her old blog, which has been stored on digital archive site the Wayback Machine. In those, she raised questions about a conspiracy behind the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, criticized illegal immigration and the Democratic party, and heralded Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs.

Reid said in the statement, “There is no question in my mind that Al Qaeda perpetrated the 9/11 attacks or about Israel’s right to its sovereignty. I believe the totality of my work attests to my ideals and I continue to grow every day.”