Hugh Hewitt Defends Anti-LGBT Hate Group On MSNBC Without Revealing They Sponsor His Salem Radio Show

Media Matters reports:

During his most recent MSNBC program, host Hugh Hewitt defended the anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) in its fight with Amazon. But Hewitt did not disclose that ADF is a major sponsor of his radio programs.

Hewitt has had prior conflict of interest problems on MSNBC. The network gave him a “verbal warning” last month after Politico revealed that he helped broker a meeting between Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt and lawyers at Hewitt’s law firm Larson O’Brien. MSNBC said that Hewitt, who frequently praised the EPA head on the network, will no longer discuss matters related to the EPA and Pruitt on its channel.

Media Matters also previously reported that Hewitt used his MSNBC program to praise the Trump administration’s efforts to weaken the Clean Water Act. However, he didn’t disclose that one of his law firm’s clients is an oil and gas company that is currently litigating allegations it violated the environmental law.

As most of you surely know, Alliance Defending Freedom represented the anti-gay Colorado baker before the Supreme Court. The ADF advocates for criminalizing homosexuality and has provided support to anti-LGBT groups in India, Jamaica, and Belize that are seeking to retain laws against homosexual acts. In addition to regularly hosting ADF staffers on his radio show with lavish praise, Hewitt has previously posted a fundraising plea for them on his Facebook page.