“Compromise” GOP Immigration Bill Bombs 121-301

Vox reports:

House Republicans have handily failed to pass an immigration bill — again. For the past few weeks Republicans have been furiously negotiating among themselves to develop a “compromise” between conservative and moderate Republicans on immigration. But it wasn’t enough — by a long shot: The bill they voted on Wednesday lost the support of every single Democrat and 112 Republicans. The bill failed 121-301.

The Republican “compromise” immigration bill included a litany of a conservative policy proposals, modeled after the White House’s demands. It would have given DACA-eligible immigrants temporary legal status for six years, after which they could apply for — but would not be guaranteed — a green card.

The bill also called for granting $25 billion in funds for a southern border wall, making it more difficult for migrants to seek asylum, and allowing families to be detained indefinitely at the border in response to the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” family separation policy. It also included provisions that would have significantly cut legal immigration levels.