Christian Prophetess: When You Die, Jesus Throws You A Dance Party With Sweet Desserts In His Mansion

“Jesus Christ doesn’t live in the throne room all the time. He actually has his own mansion. He deserves it. He had to come and live as a man and put up with all that, right? He died for us, so I think he deserves his own place. He has a magnificent mansion that’s in the biggest field of flowers that all sing. They sing all the time. And I mean they have faces and they sing and they’re beautiful. And I’ve seen inside of the mansion.

“It’s a big place where there’s tables labeled with all kinds of desserts. Every dessert you’d ever want because Jesus likes sweets. And there’s dancing there all of the time. And he plans special parties when someone comes home.

“He will actually send someone in his golden chariot with an invitation to that individual which is given by one of his angels — his personal angels — and they will read off of this beautiful scroll that they are going to be the guest to honor. The honored guest at a party thrown by Jesus Christ. He loves flowers, dancing, and sweets. That’s his three favorite things, besides us.” – Christian prophetess and failed stopper of volcanoes and hurricanes, Kat Kerr, speaking at the Heaven’s Invitation convention. Video at the link, if you can bear it. (Via The Friendly Atheist)