Christian Prophetess: I Met Jesus And He Was Hot

“They have arms and legs. They have heads. They have bodies. I’m talking about the Trinity and Holy Spirit, who is invisible. He has a body. He’s big. He’s a really big and tall guy. He can be as big as he wants! I’ve seen him appear as like swirls of color or, like, tornadoes with the flames of fire all on him. Sometimes, I’ll see him walk in and there will just be flames outlining his whole person. If Jesus wanted to, he could make himself big enough to hold this whole Earth in his hand. Or he could be normal-size on the Earth, which is around six foot tall. And he was very handsome.

“I had noticed that he wasn’t very comely, but that was when he was being beaten and hung on the cross. Ha ha! But normally, he was very strong. He picked up trees. He was a carpenter. He just didn’t make furniture, he helped built houses. He makes things that go in your mansion in heaven. If you go to heaven and you see something that has that little mark on it, the little tiny mark, little cross, he made that personally. God likes marking.” – Prophetess and failed stopper of hurricanes and volcanoes Kat Kerr, speaking at yesterday’s Heaven’s Invitation convention.

Start the clip below at 8:30.

(Via The Friendly Atheist)