CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Dominic Holden reports on a new survey at Buzzfeed:

LGBTQ people fall decisively on the left of the political spectrum, but not exclusively. Sixty-five percent consider themselves Democrats and 21% are independents. Just 12% are Republican; the remaining 3% have other affiliations.

In the 2016 election, 59% went for Hillary Clinton and 14% for Donald Trump; a full fifth of LGBTQ people said they didn’t vote that year. Overall, 88% are registered to vote. And 67% said they vote in state and federal elections. Lesbians and gay people are most politically involved — between 12% and 16% donate to political campaigns and organizations.

On the hot-button issue of religious liberty — such as the big wedding cake case that was recently decided at the Supreme Court — 16% think shopkeepers should be allowed to turn away LGBTQ customers based on religious objections. In turn, 69% disagreed and 15% were neutral.

Hit the link for a broad range of topics in the survey, including the frequency and kinds of sex that LGBT respondents report having.