CANADA: Anti-Gay Activist Bill Whatcott Surrenders On Hate Speech Charges As His Supporters Pray For Him

The Toronto Star reports:

Moments before William Whatcott turned himself in to Calgary police Friday morning, the anti-LGBTQ activist wanted on Canada-wide warrants for promotion of hatred said he regretted nothing. Whatcott is accused of distributing 3,000 pamphlets containing “hateful content” to attendees at Pride Toronto’s 2016 parade. The warrant for his arrest, issued this spring, has been hailed as a positive step by LGBTQ advocates.

“I have absolutely no apologies to make,” Whatcott told a crowd of roughly 30 supporters outside Calgary police headquarters Friday morning — some of whom wore T-shirts for the anti-Muslim group Worldwide Coalition Against Islam.

Whatcott also attempted to hand out a stack of flyers warning of “homosexual inspired oppression,” which he said were identical to the ones related to the warrant for his arrest, to passersby. Meanwhile, his supporters prayed and gave short speeches, by turns denouncing the LGBTQ community, the media and Muslims.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In 2017 a lesbian Toronto City Council member received a terror threat letter against Toronto Pride which praised Bill Whatcott. In 2016 Whatcott and his group donned green latex bodysuits and infiltrated Toronto Pride posing as the “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association.” Whatcott and his accomplices then handed out what appeared to be safe sex packets including condoms, but the packages actually contained gruesome photos of AIDS patients and warnings of eternal damnation. The same stunt had been pulled at Vancouver Pride in 2014. In 2013 Whatcott’s first hate speech conviction was upheld by the Canadian Supreme Court. In 2014 he and Porno Pete were arrested for trespassing at a Canadian university where they were attempted to distribute their style of Christian Love™. In 2015 Whatcott won a $30K defamation suit against the CBC over their report that he was distributing the lyrics to a song titled Kill The Homosexuals. Shortly afterwards he announced that he had permanently fled to the Philippines, but for some reason he’s again infesting Canada.