Breitbart’s Traffic Continues Months-Long Plummet

Politico reports:

Breitbart’s traffic declined in May for the seventh straight month, according to comScore metrics, bringing the site to its lowest level of readership since January 2015, and half of what it was a year ago.

Since the ouster of former executive chairman Steve Bannon in January, the site has been forced to search for a new identity, and, like other ideological publishers, has been pinched by changes to Facebook’s algorithms in January.

Its current slide began in November, though, three months after Bannon was forced out of his top advisor role in the White House, but two months before he left Breitbart. In May, Breitbart registered 6.4 million unique visitors, according to comScore, compared to 12.1 million in May 2017 and 13.7 million as recently as November.