Ben Shapiro Blasts Right Wing “Triumphalism” About Kim Summit: The Nuclear Agreement Is Weak [VIDEO]

“If you thought of the flag that was next to the American flag as a Nazi flag rather than a North Korean flag, everybody would see the concern. This is slave state with 25 million prisoners and gulag system hundreds of thousands people wide. The president’s praise for the dictator of North Korea was disquieting. The triumphalism that seems to be appearing in so many places this morning, where everybody is excited that President Trump met with Kim, that’s not justified by the outcome yet.

“The piece of paper that got signed yesterday is frankly weak. This is not a strong piece of paper. I’m deeply skeptical that Kim Jong Un and President Trump are going to be besties and that this will suddenly change the world. But I’m happy to be proved wrong.” – Ben Shapiro, speaking today on Fox & Friends.