Sobbing Children Mocked By Border Patrol Agent As They Cry For Their Parents At Texas Detention Facility

The New York Times reports:

“Mami!” the children’s voices cry out, between sobs. “Papá!” A recording of immigrant children calling out desperately for their parents after being separated from them by United States immigration authorities was released on Monday by the investigative news site ProPublica. The recording, nearly eight minutes in length, added disturbing and intimate notes to the debate over the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents when families are detained at the border.

At one point, a child identified in the article as a 6-year-old Salvadoran girl is heard asking someone to call her aunt. “My mommy says that I’ll go with my aunt,” she says in Spanish. “And that she’ll come to pick me up there as quickly as possible.” At another point, a voice belonging to a man identified by ProPublica as a Border Patrol agent speaks over the crying children. “Well, we have an orchestra here,” the man says. “What’s missing is a conductor.”