Alex Jones: Leftists Will Stage A False Flag Firebombing Of The Red Hen Eatery In The Next 48 Hours [VIDEO]

“I’m not saying the owner of the Red Hen is going to stage something against her facility, but, like night follows day, if somebody’s smart — if you want to dedicate something to your country, you need to go sit out in front — I wish I had the money, I’d put PIs [private investigators]. If I had billions of dollars, I would set, every day, have teams of PIs all over the country, I’d say get on this site. And I would just have PIs watch the Red Hen, so when somebody firebombs it, God forbid, or somebody knocks the windows out, or somebody paints a swastika on the door, we can follow them to their house, and you know who they’re going to be, don’t you?

“We know. It’ll be something like the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, Antifa, which is just college professors in mask — the lone rangers going out and hitting women over the head with bike locks. But I don’t have the personnel to do that, or the money. But I’m telling you, the left is going to hit the Red Hen in the next 48 hours, 99 percent chance. And when they do hit it, we can blow their operation in another devastating victory if somebody just politely goes and sits there and watches it with a camera rolling, you will catch them.” – Alex Jones, speaking this afternoon on InfoWars.