Alex Jones Claims The White House Listens To InfoWars Because “Birds Of Feather Flock Together” [VIDEO]

“I have known some of the top directors in Hollywood and let me tell you something, Hollywood is full of devil worshipers and pedophiles. I kinda liked being in some movies at first when people offered them to me and they were some nice folks here in Texas. But when I get deeper into Hollywood – I don’t want any part of it. Do you how much they hate the fact that I rejected major roles? And back when I rejected them, it was a little bit hard to do. But now I’m so glad I did. Now you couldn’t pay me $100 million to be in that cesspit, to be around all those soulless people. It means nothing.

“And do you know how liberating it is to all have all that crap mean nothing to me? Zero! Zero Zero! But it means everything to me to know Trump. It means everything to me to know the White House listens because they understand that we are the zeitgeist. Birds of feather flock together, they fly together. See, I’m in the club. The club of pro-human. The club of not liking pedophiles and waging war against them. I’m in the club of victory. I’m in the club of next level human development. I’m in the club of not being a piece of crap. How about you join me?” – Alex Jones, in an InfoWars clip illustrated with photos of Hillary Clinton as Satan.