Trump Organization Denies “Raid” On Doctor’s Office: He Gave Us Those Files Peacefully And Cooperatively

ABC News reports:

The Trump Organization Wednesday disputed an account by the president’s former personal doctor that his office was “raided” in 2017 to collect President Donald Trump’s medical records while confirming its chief legal officer was involved in the seizure.

The president’s former personal doctor, Harold Bornstein, said in an interview Tuesday with NBC News he felt “raped, frightened and sad” when in early February of last year Trump Organization lawyer Alan Gartens and President Trump’s then-director of Oval Office operations Keith Schiller came to his office to collect the president’s medical records.

“At the request of the White House, Dr. Bornstein voluntarily turned over the medical records to Mr. Schiller,” a spokesperson for Gartens said in a statement Tuesday to ABC News. “The hand off, which occurred well over a year ago, was peaceful, cooperative and cordial.”

So far there’s been no denial that Trump authored his own medical report. But that will surely come.