Tony Perkins Blames Obama For US Deaths In Niger: Diversity Lectures Have Distracted From Real Training

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Readiness has been a major focus of this administration, and after eight years of Barack Obama, it’s obvious that there’s still work to do. FRC’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin (Ret.), who once commanded the Army’s Special Forces, can’t help but think that the politically correct agenda of the last commander-in-chief is partially to blame.

Thanks to the deep state leadership situation, there are still men and women inside the military demanding that these soldiers spend precious time learning about diversity and tolerance when they should be getting ready for battle.

“Talk to any service member today,” he says, “and you’ll find that a majority of them will express great frustration with the amount of time that they spend in these lectures on inclusion or sexuality at the expense of preparing for war. Every hour our troops waste on these sensitivity exercises is time they could have been on the range or practicing combat maneuvers. When do you train for battle when you’re bogged down with these politically-correct mandates? You don’t. You go out and crash ships or get captured by Iranians, because you were never prepared for war. Policies like that degrade individual and unit readiness.”

These four men didn’t die because they sat in a diversity lecture, but those are the kinds of distractions that detract from the real training our troops need. For more than a year, President Trump has been trying to restore the proud warrior culture of the military that existed before Barack Obama’s eight years of social experimentation. Unfortunately, the tentacles of his progressive agenda have anchored itself deep inside the Pentagon.

In other cases, like Obama’s transgender policy, military leaders are ready to correct the situation only to have the decision taken out of their hands by the courts. Until these activist judges are reined in, and the forces of political correctness are ferreted out, the lives of the brave men and women who defend this country will be at higher risk.