Todd Starnes On Boy Scouts Name Change: They’ve Been Overrun By Sexual And Gender Revolutionaries

Todd Starnes is predictably upset at the Boy Scouts:

The Boy Scouts of America is dropping the word “boy” from its signature program. The social re-engineering of the once-beloved institution started in 2013 when a ban on gay scouts was lifted. Gay leaders were welcomed in 2015. And in 2017 they opened the door for transgender children to participate.

The Boy Scouts used to be in the business of teaching boys how to become young men — to keep themselves physically strong and morally straight. But somewhere along the way – Boy Scout leaders lost their moral compass and tumbled into the deep abyss of political correctness. I don’t think there’s a merit badge for that.

The headline of this JMG post is taken directly from Starnes’ headline. And as you can see below, Fox & Friends is similarly unhappy.