Stormy Daniels Describes Trump’s Junk For Penthouse

Penthouse Magazine today published an extensive interview with Stormy Daniels, much of which is as amusing we’ve come to expect. But let’s just jump to the part that is getting all the attention, shall we?

“What was your impression of Trump before you met him?” I ask.

“Before I met him, I thought that he was on TV and had funny hair.”

“What was your impression when you met?”

“That he was on TV and had funny hair.”

“Does his hair stay still as he has sex?” I ask.

“No, [his hair is] real,” Stormy replies. “He chose that.”

“And it just fluffs around as he’s on top of you?”

“Yeah, that’s real. Kind of like a drunken cockatoo.”

“Was it good sex?”

“What do you think?”

“Everyone’s different.”

Stormy sips her wine and side-eyes me.

“And the penis wasn’t big?” I continue.

“Yeah,” Stormy confirms.

“Like his fingers?” I joke.

Stormy puts her hands in the air. “I don’t want to shame anybody,” she explains.