SOUTH CAROLINA: Democrats Defeat Abortion Ban Bill In 24-21 Vote After Marathon Filibuster Effort [VIDEO]

The Post & Courier reports:

A bill that would have outlawed almost all abortions in South Carolina died in the early hours of Friday morning on the floor of the state Senate, granting a major victory to Democrats after they launched a lengthy filibuster that lasted throughout much of the day and showed no signs of stopping.

In a stunning 24-21 vote, the Senate moved to send the bill back to the medical affairs committee, effectively killing any chance of the bill moving forward in the rest of this session.

State Sen. Marlon Kimpson, D-Charleston, held the floor for upwards of six hours as he filibustered the measure Thursday. He turned over the podium to state Sens. Margie Bright Matthews, D-Walterboro, and Fanning, who carried on the effort through the rest of the evening.

The State reports:

Senate Republicans on Thursday took the the rare step of scheduling the Senate — which works Tuesdays through Thursdays — to remain in Columbia Friday to continue debate on the bill. Some had spoken of continuing the debate past Friday and into the weekend, if necessary.

Meanwhile, the Democrats lined up one senator after another to filibuster the bill, starting with Sen. Marlon Kimpson’s eight-hour monologue Thursday.

Senate Republicans had hoped to extend the debate until several Democrats gave up and left the chamber, gifting the GOP the three-fifths majority needed to shut down the filibuster and pass the abortion ban bill. But no Democrats left, with some canceling travel and vacation plans to remain in Columbia. All 45 eligible senators were present for the 1 a.m. vote Friday.